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Bluetti AC70: After 45 Days

Updated: May 4

A photo of the AC70 on the back of a truck.
The AC70 has enough power to get a group of campers through the weekend,

Are the smaller battery generators just not cutting it for your power needs? Are the larger ones too bulky to fit anywhere in your vehicle or at camp? Well, the Bluetti AC70 battery generator fills the middle ground, offering substantial power support without too much bulk.

The manufacturers sent me the AC70 to put it through its paces in the demanding environments I frequent. Over 45 days, it served as my primary power source, allowing me to fully assess its performance through repeated charge and discharge cycles. 

To give you an idea of how I use these devices I run an online community, create social media and educational content for different companies, and also host a podcast while living a nomadic life. This means all of my devices need to be kept fully charged and ready to go. 

In this review, I'll share my detailed findings on its capabilities, utility, and overall field experience, aiming to provide you with in-depth insights into what the AC70 can offer for your specific needs.

Technical Specifications of the AC70

The Bluetti AC70 comes packed with features that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and anyone requiring a reliable power source in remote locations.

Below are the detailed specifications of the AC70:

  • Capacity: 768Wh

  • AC Output: 2×120V/8.33A, 1,000W in Total

  • Surge Power: 1,500W

  • USB-C: 2 × 100W Max.

  • USB-A: 2 × 5VDC/2.4A 12W in total

  • AC Input: 950W Max. (charges in 1.3-1.6 hours)

  • DC Input: × 12V/10A (Car outlet, regulated.)

  • Solar Input: 500W Max.

  • Battery Type: LiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron Phosphate) with 3000+ charge cycles

  • Dimensions: 12.4×8.2×10.1 inches

  • Weight: 22.5 lbs

  • App Support: Yes, allowing for monitoring and control via the Bluetti App

  • Charge Time: 45 minutes to 80%

  • Fan Noise: <50 Db

  • Warranty: 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Comparing the Bluetti AC70 to other products in the market, several features make it stand out. First, its battery type—LiFePO₄—offers a much longer lifespan with over 3000 charge cycles.

Additionally, the integration of the Bluetti App adds a layer of convenience, allowing users to monitor and control the generator remotely. I often use the app to turn the Bluetti AC70 unit off from afar. 

Its fan, operating below 50 DB, ensures that the device runs quietly, minimizing noise pollution in peaceful outdoor settings (or inside my truck). Unlike something like the AC180 which sounds like a jet engine plane about to take off whenever you go past 300 watts of output.  

A photo of the Bluetti AC70's front with all of the ports.
There are numerous ports available to charge your devices

Bluetti AC70 Build Quality

The Bluetti AC70's design aesthetics, much like its functionality, strikes a decent balance between looking good and being somewhat durable. The build quality of the AC70 is similar to its other units. It may not scratch easily but I still don't think I would want to drop it. 

The main handle, strategically positioned at the top back of the unit, is securely integrated into its construction, making it easy to transport. There are lots of little seams and gaps for water to get in so be sure not to get it wet at all. 

In terms of portability, the AC70 is lighter compared to the larger Bluetti models, making it more manageable to transport. But at over 22lbs, it's not ideally suited for scenarios requiring extreme portability, such as a canoe trip or winter camping without the aid of a sled. 

AC70 Performance and Efficiency

In the unpredictable conditions of the outdoors, the performance and efficiency of portable power sources like the Bluetti AC70 are not just conveniences; they're necessities. I tend to look at how the units perform in cold weather or humid conditions as these are likely to cause the most issues.

Here's an in-depth look at how the AC70 held up under real-world usage:

Performance Analysis

  • Devices Charged: It successfully managed the energy demands of various devices, including two smartphones, a Starlink satellite, two laptops, an action camera, two DSLR cameras, a gimbal, a coffee grinder, as well as several headlamps/flashlights, and other miscellaneous electronics.

  • Efficiency: Based on the specs it charged the devices as efficiently as other ones I've used, though it should be noted that it performs less optimally in colder conditions. Under normal conditions, it could sustain my Starlink setup for around 6 hours with heating enabled on the dish, and 7 hours without.

  • Resilience to Weather and Temperature: Has a limitation in cold weather, evidencing a rapid decrease in battery charge in temperatures lower than 5°C.

  • Charging Cycle: In the absence of sunlight for solar charging I had to charge it every 2 days using the AC adaptor with my level of usage.

Noise Levels and Heat Dissipation

  • Noise: The fan operates at a very quiet level. This low noise output is crucial for not disturbing the serenity of outdoor environments or the peace of indoor spaces.

  • Heat: Though the unit efficiently dissipates heat during operation, care must be taken not to obstruct the ventilation. An instance where something was left on top of the unit resulted in a noticeable increase in temperature, suggesting that while the AC70 manages heat well, it does not like things on top of it while it's being used.

Based on this analysis I can recommend this unit for those who need a power source that best manages consistent loads between 100-150 watts and external temperatures over 5°C. This will maximize the time needed between charges.  

An image of the AC on a camp table next to a Starlink router
I used the Bluetti AC70 primarily to power my internet.

Battery Management and Charging Options

The AC70 has a 1000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter which facilitates a smooth and stable power supply, essential for sensitive electronic devices. The powerlifting mode is a notable feature, capable of temporarily boosting the output to 2,000 watts for those moments when extra power is required.

As with other units from this line, this one also has Eco mode. Shutting off the power when the load drops below a preset threshold, prevents unnecessary battery drain, thus extending usage time between charges. This mode is incredibly beneficial for users who, like me, forget to turn the AC70 off when done using it.

One of the AC70's strengths lies in its versatile charging options, accommodating solar, wall outlet, and car charging. With a maximum solar input of 500 watts, you can charge this unit in about 2 hours. Additionally, it's compatible with other expansion batteries, offering a scalable solution for increased power needs.

  • Solar Charging: Harnessing solar power is not only eco-friendly but also practical for outdoor adventures or remote applications. 

  • Wall Outlet: For rapid charging, the AC adapter is most effective, offering a full charge within hours.

  • Car Charging: An excellent option for those on the move, allowing the unit to be charged via a car's 12V outlet.

Charging Times and Compatibility

This unit also has turbo charging capability, allowing a full charge in just 1.5 hours with a power input of 950 watts. sd 

Don't forget to engage the grid-self adaptation feature in the app when using public outlets, like those found in libraries, to avoid any compatibility issues. This feature adjusts the charging input to match the source, ensuring efficient and safe charging no matter where you are.

An image of the AC70 with a portable solar panel
With a 120 Watt solar panel I can charge the AC70 in just over 3 hours

User Experience

The AC70 has a user-friendly interface with just three intuitively designed buttons to control the unit. This simplicity ensures that users of any tech-savvy level can operate the device without hassle. I could easily turn on the unit or either of the power sources without even looking.

I find myself gravitating more towards using the app than the physical buttons on the unit. The app significantly enhances the user experience by providing access to all settings and features through straightforward button press combinations. Why get up from the chair if you have to, right?

Included with the AC70 are essential accessories that are standard among their offerings:

  • Solar PV cable for connecting to solar panels,

  • AC cable for traditional wall outlet charging, and

  • Car charging cable for charging on the move.

I've been using Bluetti products for a year now and I have yet to have any of these accessories fail on me. 

An image of the Blueti AC70 on the back of a truck with multiple electronics plugged into it..
I used the AC70 as my primary source of power for 45 days

Applications and Use Cases

The versatility of the Bluetti AC70 shines in various scenarios, making it an indispensable companion for those who value preparedness and convenience. 

  • Camping: The AC70 provides ample power to keep small electronic devices charged for a small group over a weekend. 

  • Emergencies: Its capacity to power radios, emergency lights, and essential electronics for several hours can make a significant difference. 

  • Outdoor events: Stereos, Bluetooth speakers, and lights can be powered for an afternoon or evening of fun 

Based on my experience the AC70 can handle all of the devices that a modern family would want to use while the power is out or if you're off the grid. 

An image of the Bluetti AC70 on a log
I would recommend this unit for camping enthusiasts and for power contingency for short term emergencies

Final Thoughts on the AC70

In reflecting upon my time with the Bluetti AC70, several key points stand out that solidify its place as a versatile and reliable power solution. Its intuitive operation, either through the physical unit or the accompanying app, ensures ease of use in any situation. The quick charging capabilities make this a win for me as I don't like spending a lot of time waiting. 

I would recommend this unit to anyone who needs to power their day-to-day electronics for a few days while being off-grid. If you have a compatible solar panel and nice weather, well then you can extend the usage indefinitely.

It is particularly suited for outdoor enthusiasts, families who enjoy camping, or those who want to be prepared for power outages. Its ability to power a wide range of devices for considerable durations makes it a worthy investment for peace of mind and convenience in numerous short-term scenarios.

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