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Your reliable resource for living wild.

Stay wise. Be prepared. Have fun.

Welcome to Wild Wanderer Creatives,

the evolved form of Perrin Adams Freelancing...


What started as a humble online article writing business, focusing on outdoor survival and camping, has now expanded into the realms of photography and videography.

As a passionate nomad and outdoor enthusiast, I find joy in sharing my knowledge with others, teaching them about the wonders of nature and the nomadic lifestyle.

My Journey


My freelancing journey began in 2020, starting from scratch with limited resources. Through dedication and hard work, I entered the world of online writing.

This venture led me to partner with some fantastic companies, helping them create diverse content.

Through this experience I have developed my skills further, allowing me to provide further value for my clients.

While it’s an ongoing journey of growth and discovery, the slope is still challenging, but less steep.

My Expertise and Services


My expertise stems from hands-on experiences gathered while living on the road and sleeping in the backcountry.


My education as an expedition guide provided the foundational knowledge, which I have since honed and developed further.

Here's what I bring to the table:

  • Knowledge of Leave No Trace principles

  • Expertise in bushcraft skills such as firecraft, shelter building, and water filtration

  • Experience in camping (both car and backcountry), boondocking, and wilderness medicine

  • Proficiency in portaging, canoeing, kayaking, tree/plant/bird/animal identification, and wildlife tracking and behavior

  • Insight into prepping/homesteading

  • Skills in photography and videography


In a nutshell, I offer writing, photography, and videography services centered around topics like camping, wilderness survival, and nomadic living.

My Values and Vision


Simplicity guides my life, and I aim to bring that simplicity to yours as well.


I believe our visions and missions evolve over time, just as we do.


My drive lies in creating unique things, as I believe I was meant to do. Assisting others in bringing their visions to life serves as a creative outlet for me.

I strive to offer intriguing perspectives in my writing, without unnecessary fluff. I maintain transparency in timelines and ensure collaborative work processes.

It's going to be a wild ride, join me on this journey and let's experience the wild together!



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