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First Impressions: Pomoly's Circle 6 Tent

Updated: May 4

The Pomoly Circle 6 tent sits on flat ground. Both doors are fully opened and the inside of the tent is illuminated.

In the world of teepee-style tents, the struggle for space, especially near the top, is a prevalent issue. Enter the Pomoly Circle 6 Tent - an innovative solution that addresses a common problem head-on.

In this first impressions article, we'll have a look into the build quality, materials used, and other aspects of this promising tent that uses a unique design for an outdoor dwelling solution.

A Closer Look: The Pomoly Circle 6 Tent

The Pomoly Circle 6 tent stands out in the crowded teepee-style tent market with its robust build quality and ingenious design.

Made from premium 40D Ripstop Silnylon (PU3000mm), this tent ensures durability and resistance to harsh weather, making it a reliable option for camping, particularly in winter settings.

A low shot of the Pomoly Circle 6 tent. In it you can see the Pomoly logo and the side wall.
The material feels robust, promising to keep the rain out and the heat in.

The tent offers a capacious area of 100 sq ft, comfortably accommodating up to six people and providing ample space for gear storage.

Key features include its unique flared conical shape ensuring efficient heat distribution, a top stove jack for a camping stove, and many tie-outs for secure fastening. It includes 2 vents at the top and a large vent at the bottom.

The double doors are surely a highlight of this tent. When they're both open the dwelling feels incredibly spacious and comfortable, especially with a wood stove roaring.

Camping enthusiasts know that having a reliable tent is crucial, especially when braving the cold winter months. A tent like the Pomoly Circle 6, providing both warmth and roominess, brings a surprising amount of comfort to the wilderness.

Unveiling the Pomoly Circle 6 Tent

The Pomoly Circle 6 Tent arrived in a compact package, surprisingly light considering the hefty contents within. Inside, the package contained the tent itself, the floor and inner mesh tent, a middle pole, and a hoop (broken into segments).

They also added 20 high-quality tent stakes and guy lines, all carefully packed into separate bags for easy setup and storage.

An image of a tent on flat grass that overlooks a lake.
With so much space inside, it feels like a cabin when the rain comes down.

Upon unrolling the tent, one could immediately perceive the elevated standard of its build quality. The tent's structure, tall enough for an average-sized adult to stand in, made an impression of a spacious palace, perfect for one to two people, with plenty of room left for gear. The Ripstop Silnylon material, in a soft shade of earthy brown, felt robust to the touch, promising durability.

In contrast to traditional tents, the Pomoly Circle 6 Tent takes advantage of a unique design. While most tents opt for a dome or tunnel structure, this tent embraced a flared conical shape, optimizing heat distribution and maximizing floor space.

The hoop, a novel addition, gave a surprising amount of rigidity and space to the structure. It did require some initial effort to set up, as it was a tight fit. But once erected, the robustness it added to the tent was undeniable.

All these elements work together to form a tent that not only stands firm against the elements but also incorporates a sense of home.

A tent that, despite its initial challenge in setup, rewards its users with a surprisingly durable and comfortable dwelling. It should be a good test for a Canadian winter.

A tent is laid out flat on the grassy ground.
Even with the addition of a rigid hoop, the majority of the setup is similar to a normal teepee style tent.

The Floor and Inner Tent

The floor, manufactured from 210D Oxford, incorporates a section of Flame Retardant Fabric, an ideal safety measure when using the wood stove.

Surprisingly warm and soft underfoot, it enhances the overall comfort, making camp slippers seem luxurious.

The inner tent, a darkened sanctuary designed for rest, utilizes finely woven mesh at the top and even finer at the sides. This feature engenders a snug den-like atmosphere, optimal for winter conditions.

The use of 40D Ripstop Silnylon with a PU3000mm rating in the inner tent construction ensures good durability while promoting a sense of solitude and tranquility.

Size and Space: Bigger Than It Seems

A first impression of the Pomoly Circle 6 Tent might be that it's compact for a 6-person tent.

However, one must not be fooled by the initial appearance. The design offers a surprising amount of room, accommodating six people comfortably, a luxury rarely found in traditional tents.

A tent floor is staked out on a grassy floor
The footprint adds a comfort factor to the experience. Even after a rainstorm, the floor stayed dry.

The addition of the inner tent, while reducing the overall living area, still leaves ample space for 3-4 adults. The reduced footprint is well-compensated by the added comfort and warmth, especially on chilly winter nights. The remaining area serves as a cozy vestibule, perfect for storing gear or a pet bed.

When it comes to setting up, the Pomoly Circle 6 requires a clear diameter of about 4 meters, taking into account the guy lines and stakes necessary to secure the tent. This extra space ensures stability against wind and allows for the safe operation of the wood stove.

Comparatively, the tent's footprint is fairly modest, making it an excellent option for those seeking a spacious yet compact outdoor dwelling.

Versatility: A Tent for All Seasons

The Pomoly Circle 6 Tent is ready for all four seasons. Crafted with high waterproofing specs, it exhibits an impressive ability to withstand harsh weather conditions throughout the year.

The use of Silnylon with a PU3000mm rating in the tent's construction ensures water resistance, keeping the occupants dry even in heavy downpours.

In my brief experience with it during a heavy rainstorm, it managed very well. There were no drips on the inside of any seams and the fabric wasn't wet on the inside either.

Ventilation is another key aspect that contributes to its wide-ranging usability. The Pomoly Circle 6 is designed with strategic mesh openings that foster excellent airflow, critical in maintaining a comfortable internal environment, particularly during sweltering summer months.

The uniqueness of this tent lies in its ability to essentially open up one entire wall, which amplifies the ventilation and grants the occupants a panoramic view of their surroundings.

A tent stands with its doors open. There is a red light illuminating it.
Seldom do you see a tent where a huge section of the wall opens up.

As the temperatures plummet, the tent swiftly transforms into a cozy retreat. When sealed up, it effectively retains heat, fostering a warm and comfortable atmosphere within.

Further, the tent is equipped with snow skirts, a feature that proves invaluable in wintry conditions by allowing for piling snow to enhance insulation.

Weight and Portability: Carry Comfort

The Pomoly Circle 6 Tent strikes some sort of balance between size and portability. According to the product specifications, the tent weighs in at 9.5kg, a moderate to high weight considering its robust four-season capabilities.

The tent itself weighs 6.4kg, the floor is 1.3kg and the inner tent is 1.2kg.

The weight makes the tent a suitable choice for truck camping, sledding, or short treks to the campsite. The compact size of the tent when packed also enhances its portability, making it less cumbersome to transport.

Despite its not-so-small footprint when set up, the tent compacts down nicely for transport and storage.

However, it's worth noting that the tent's weight might be a factor to consider for those planning longer hiking trips or any adventure where every ounce counts. In these instances, a lighter and more compact shelter might be more appropriate.

Overall, for its size and all-season adaptability, the Pomoly Circle 6 Tent offers remarkable portability and convenience.

A tent stands with one door open. Inside you can see a divider for a separate room
The inner tent creates a separate room that is dark and protects you from insects.

Setting Up The Circle 6 Tent

The setup process for the Pomoly Circle 6 Tent is relatively straight-forward, following a similar procedure as a standard teepee tent.

However, I recommend a slightly different approach for an even better experience. Begin by laying out the floor first. Once the floor is laid out, attach the tent to it. This approach ensures easy alignment and an anchored base to work with.

The next step involves positioning the pole in the middle of the tent. Once this foundational structure is in place, secure the hoop to the clips on the inside of the tent.

It clips together into a hoop shape and after a little fighting with it, I was able to get it secured. If you're struggling to get the hoop into place then lower the tent and the hoop should fit easier. Once it's all together it is quite a stable shelter.

Further stability can be achieved by guying the tent out. The extra reinforcement helps the tent withstand wind gusts and other unruly weather conditions.

A camping chair, woodstove, table, and generator sit inside a tent.
For 1-2 people, this tent is a palace. But it can sleep up to 6 people, and I can say it will do that.

Is the Pomoly Circle 6 Tent Worth It?

The Pomoly Circle 6 Tent distinguishes itself with a myriad of essential features, offering a versatile solution for outdoor enthusiasts regardless of the season.

Its all-weather adaptability, the panoramic view when opened, and impressive heat retention during colder months make it an attractive choice.

The tent's weight and size are moderately balanced, providing substantial comfort without compromising much on portability.

Despite being slightly on the heavier side for longer hikes, its convenience for truck camping or short treks is undeniable. From a personal perspective, the Pomoly Circle 6 Tent is an interesting investment, providing a blend of practicality, comfort, and adaptability that most camping enthusiasts seek.

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Oct 25, 2023

Thanks for writing this. I appreciate the construction of this tent. I've spent some time in Tipi tents and always thought it'd be nice to have the walls "pulled out" more, and the ring around the top seems to solve that. They combined a Tipi tent with a circus tent to provide more space, perfect.

Perrin Adams
Perrin Adams
Oct 26, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I am thoroughly impressed with the product so far.

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